Department of Medical Education

Department of Medical Education at Gajju Khan Medical College is Newley established under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Shams Ur Rehman Dean /Chief Executive office Gajju Khan Medical College Swabi.

Department of Medical Education is responsible for decisions regarding medical & allied education, including the design and delivery of clinical bedside programs, evaluation of students in programs, and the monitoring and administration of all other teaching programs

Medical education worldwide has expanded beyond discipline-based curriculum, large classroom teaching, and annual assessment. Major changes in medical education now focus on integrated competency-based curriculum, student-centered learning, continuous assessment, and feedback.



The aim of the Department of Medical Education in Gajju Khan Medical College is to promote best practices in medical education encompassed by ethical and professional values.



The goal is to develop Gajju Khan Medical College as the center of scholarship by training the faculty for an outcome-based, integrated, spiral, curriculum.


The broader responsibilities include

  1. Management of all academic support of concerned faculty members.
  2. Designing and planning for new programs. Engages in and advises on strategic planning for improving medical education & Research.
  3. Monitoring of all Academic programs
  4. Evaluation of all academic programs
  5. Implementation of all design structured goals in academics
  6. Promoting and aligning research in accordance with local & International standard’s
  7. Providing opportunities for Continuous medical education


Specific Responsibilities of the Undergraduate Medical Education include:

  1. Design, Implementation, and evaluation of programmes, both clinical and academic, for undergraduate students.
  2. Regular review of undergraduate medical education clinical and academic training programmes, including evaluation forms of students and faculty.
  3. Review and report on departmental undergraduate medical education& Research resource needs.
  4. Design and deliver educational faculty development programmes for departmental members.
  5. Provide review and feedback on policies that affect medical education

Dr.Sana Khan
Name Dr.Sana Khan  Dr.Sana Khan
Designation Assistant Professor
Phone 0938280421
PMC/PMDC# 0938280221
Qualification BDS, CHPE, MHPE
Dr. Zubia Hayat
Name Dr. Zubia Hayat  Dr. Zubia Hayat
Designation Demonstrator
Phone 938280421
PMC/PMDC# 0938280385
Qualification MBBS, CHPE .