Disabled Seats

The disabled candidates selected by the "Disability Committee" with a valid domicile of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa / FATA of the candidate and his/her father and fulfilling all the other criteria for admission to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Medical/ Dental colleges can apply on these seats. In case father of the candidate is not alive then the mother's valid domicile of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa / FATA will be considered.

To be considered on open merit as well as disabled candidates seats, the candidates must apply against both the categories. However, it will be the choice of the candidate to avail open merit or disabled seat.

The disabled candidates are required to provide a registration certificate from the Social Welfare Department Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, stating that:

He / She is a disabled candidate, But

He / She is mentally fit and physically able to carry out his/her studies and can perform professional duties after qualifying M.B.B.S./BDS.

The disabled candidate will be required to produce a certificate from a Government certified specialist as per attached proforma in the prospectus (as per specimen on page 68)

Such certificate will only make him/her eligible to apply against the reserved seats for disabled.

A Medical Board constituted by Chairman JAC will make final decision about the suitability of the candidate for admission against the reserved seats


a. Disability for the purpose of admission to Medical & Dental Colleges in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is defined as that degree of physical impairment which puts the candidate at disadvantage as compared to a normal person for acquiring education before entering Medical/Dental College, but otherwise is capable of performing his/her duties satisfactorily as a Medical/Dental student and later on as Medical/Dental Practitioner. The terms "severely disabled and comparison of disabilities" are not applicable because:-

  1. A severely disable person is ineligible.
  2. Disease/ disabilities affecting different organ systems are in no way comparable.

b. The disability shall be of permanent nature.

c. The candidate shall be declared disabled by the Medical Board for disabled candidates.

d. The Medical Board will issue a certificate of disability.

e. In case of any dispute regarding the decision of Medical Board, an appeal should be made within 48 hours before the Appellate Medical Board. The decision of the Appellate Medical Board shall be final.

f. Selection against these seats will be done by JAC on merit from amongst the certified disabled candidates.


  1. Medical Specialist
  1. Surgical Specialist
  2. ENT Specialist
  3. Eye Specialist
  4. Orthopedic Specialist.
  5. Psychiatrist

The Chairman JAC may co-opt any other specialist relevant to the disability as member, on need basis.


In case of any dispute regarding disability, an appeal should be made within 48 hours to the Appellate Medical Board. The Appellate Board will comprise of the serving / retired Professors of all the concerned specialties and will be constituted by the Chairman Joint Admission Committee. The decision of the Appellate Medical Board shall be final, after approval of Chairman Joint Admission Committee.