Nigar College of Nursing (NCN) MTI Swabi

Nigar College of Nursing (NCN) Swabi is a project of MTI Bacha Khan Medical Complex Swabi. Nigar College of Nursing is located on road at main Shahmanoor, District Swabi and the surrounding areas have quite sound literacy rates. The people of this area demands such type of learning process and modern courses which may lead to their better and bright future and can fulfil the requirements of today’s world. They need a clear and transparent way of education system in Medical and Health Sciences that can improve quality of life for the individual & families, promotion of health, and has an impact on nursing practice. Being a central district, Swabi does not have any public sector nursing college so far.

Presently, there are approximately ninety thousand nurses registered with Pakistan Nursing Council; however, according to the WHO demand, the country should have nine hundred thousand nurses by the end of 2030.

There are many medical Colleges throughout the country, and more finances are invested to improve them. On the other hand, there seems lack of interest regarding investment to improve the standards of schools of nursing, midwifery, skilled birth attendants, lady health visitors or pharmacists. This ultimately leads to low number of workers in other categories of health care providers.

Poor knowledge and insufficient number of health care workers can lead to elevation of burden of diseases and loss of precious lives. Advanced concepts and improved knowledge are essential for the prevention of errors in the healthcare delivery system. Therefore, Pakistan Nursing Council has decided to phase out three years general nursing diploma course and switch into the degree programs in Nursing after 2018.

In the light of above, MTI Swabi has planned to establish Nursing Institute with the name of Nigar College of Nursing, Swabi, which will offer the following two program:

  1. 04 years Generic BSN Degree
  2. 02 years Post RN BSN Degree

The Board of Governors of MTI Swabi has approved the establishment of college of nursing college under the umbrella of MTI Swabi. Bacha Khan Medical Complex and its constituent hospitals in Swabi will serve as a teaching hospitals for the Nigar College of Nursing Swabi.

The vision of Nigar College of Nursing Swabi is to progress as a state of the art, community-based Nursing college that advances modern methods of academic excellence and community health care.

The mission of the Nigar College of Nursing Swabi is to improve the quality of the life for individuals and society by promoting health, preventing and curing disease, advancing biomedical research and education tomorrow’s clinical specialists, Public Health specialist and health researchers.


  1. To employ a variety of learning resources, including modern technologies such as e-learning
  2. To provide a supportive environment to promote lifelong learning to nursing
  3. To promote student-cantered education through practice and faculty professional development opportunities
  4. To follow model clinical best practices
  5. To employ a variety of learning resources, including modern technologies such as e-learning