Vision, Mission & Core Values of Gajju Khan Medical College Swabi






To be a national and global leader in medical education, scientific Research and community health services.


To produce competent graduates committed to lifelong learning and research through a conducive learning environment to provide compassionate community health services.

Core Values:
High Ethical Standards and Professionalism.
High Quality and Excellence in training and clinical governance.
Collaborative Leadership and Teamwork.
Scientific Creativity.
Transparency and Accountability.

Curricular Outcomes

       By the end of MBBS program the graduates will be able to:

1. Apply basic knowledge and clinical skills to precisely diagnose common diseases.

2. Develop appropriate plan to effectively manage patients presenting with common diseases for better health care provision to the community.

3. Demonstrate basic life-support skills in management of common emergencies.

4. Demonstrate teamwork approach in management of common emergencies, hospital and community setting.

5. Display a commitment regarding lifelong learning and continuous professional development for a good health care provision to society.

6. Practice evidence-based medicine in management of common diseases and participate in research activities

7. Demonstrate accessory skills inclusive of professionalism, communication skills, ethics and leadership to aid the graduate in developing as a global leader.