Welcome to Gajju Khan Medical College Library, Swabi

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The Gajju Khan Medical College Swabi (GKMCS) library will strive for excellence in support for the learning, teaching and research mission of the college by providing a student-centered learning environment that delivers information and services to its users where and promoting creative and critical thinking through information literacy. Developing and maintaining collections in support of the academic pursuits of the college, the Library is committed to providing users with the tools required for independent critical thinking and lifelong learning. The GKMCS Library has Three Section;
Student Section:
Student section has the study portion where students can study. The section is providing circulation facility to its registered users for borrowing a verity of textbooks.
Staff Section:
Staff Section is for faculty remembers and provides facility reading and reference books for staff of the college.
SLRC(Self Learning Resource Center)/HED Digital Library:
The SLRC is a computer Lab has been established with the latest core I-7 computers and equipment to support the provision of better learning opportunities and resources to the students and staff of Gajju Khan Medical College. It is almost ready with facility of 21 latest computers having proper networking, Internet facility and Video Conferencing. This section provides opportunities to the students and faculty of Gajju khan Medical College to be a part with the modern world. The computer labs play an important role in the college’s effort to educate students to be visually, verbally, and technologically accomplished.

Syed Atif Shah
Name Syed Atif Shah  Syed Atif Shah
Designation Librarian
Email librarian@gkmcs.edu.pk
Phone 0938-280421
PMC/PMDC# none
Qualification MLISc,MS(Library Science), M.Sc (Computer science)
Muhammad Irfan
Name Muhammad Irfan  Muhammad Irfan
Designation Assistant Librarian
Email astlibrarian@gkmcs.edu.pk
Phone 0938-280421
PMC/PMDC# none
Qualification Master in Library And Information Science
Shahryar Khan
Name Shahryar Khan  Shahryar Khan
Designation Library Assistant
Email shehryarkhanyousafzai1@gmail.com
Phone 0938-280421
PMC/PMDC# none
Qualification Master